Who can apply?

Our Cooperative welcomes applications from any student who is enrolled in a post-secondary institution in Toronto, regardless of their field of study, level of education, or financial situation. The coop strives to accommodate students with different needs and preferences, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, disability, or any other identity. While we primarily cater to Canadian students, we also accept applications from International & Exchange students.

The ideal applicant for the coop is someone who:

Is committed to living cooperatively and respectfully with others

Is interested in learning from and contributing to the coop community

Is willing to participate in the decision-making and maintenance of the coop

Is open to new experiences and perspectives

Application Process

Our New Member Application process is designed to help us to get to know you better + see if you would be a good fit for our cooperative. Furthermore, it also aims to help you understand the coop at large, what becoming a member entails and what you could look forward to as part of the community.

We encourage all interested and qualified students to apply and invest in the application process. The process is outlined below:

Application Process

Step 1: Orientations

Mandatory Orientation sessions for all interested new members are hosted. You must attend an orientation to access & submit the online orientation.

Step 2: Applications

New Member Application must be completed & submitted by the deadline.

Step 3: Application Review

Applications are reviewed internally.

Step 4: Approval & Assignment

All application results will be emailed out. Successful applicants will be contacted to start the housing intake process.

Step 1 - Virtual Orientations

Neill Wycik Coop orientations are mandatory for all applicants and will introduce you to the coop, it’s history, values, policies, and procedures. They are an opportunity for you to learn more about the member experience and asses your needs & fit with the Neill-Wycik Coop community & policies. Orientations will be hosted online and are open for any interested applicant to attend.

Step 2 - Online Applications

Once you have attended an orientation, you will be provided an online application to complete. The application will ask you to provide basic details regarding yourself, your studies and housing needs. It also contains sections that we hope will provide you with the opportunity to share with us your personality, values and community experiences. The online application is ultimately designed to helps us get to know you better to see if you would be a good fit at our cooperative.

Step 3 - Application Review

All submitted online applications will be reviewed internally.

Step 4 - Application Results

All applicants will be emailed the results of their application. Successful applicants will begin their membership & housing process.


Your first step to apply is to attend a mandatory virtual orientation. These sessions are hosted by members of the Neill-Wycik community and will introduce you to the co-op’s history, values, facilities and policies. The orientation session will also give you a chance to ask questions and gain clarity as to whether Neill-Wycik can be the right fit for your housing needs.

We thank you for your interest in Neill-Wycik, however our orientation and application period for September 2024 has concluded. Applicants will hear back mid-late June regarding their application status. If you are interested in living with us starting January 2025, please check back here in late July/August 2024 for additional information.


Please refer to here answers to some of our FAQs or email orientations@neill-wycik.coop for any additional questions regarding the orientations

We thank you for your interest in joining Neill-Wycik Student Housing Coop & look forward to receiving your application

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