Showing members what the start of a new year at Neill-Wycik looks like.
September BBQ –

Every September we open our doors to new and returning members from wide and far. This year we continued our tradition of a Frosh BBQ, to keep our members fed and having fun. The start of a new year means making new friends, figuring out class schedules and settling in. Our BBQ is a great opportunity to meet people in the building.

We served burgers and veggie burgers, salads and soft drinks. Neill-Wycik prides itself on creating great social opportunities for members, where they can eat together and meet their neighbours. Co-ops are all about living together and having fun.

At the start of a new year members will want to come out to all of the great frosh events we offer. We’ve organized trips to Ikea to help with decorating units. Games nights and local tours of the city are a mainstay during our first week. And to top it all off we like to end things with a massive ‘Steamer Party’ in our ‘Steamer’ party facility in the basement.

In addition to having fun and making friends, new members should have an orientation with their Community Assistants. This is an opportunity to have all their questions answered and to learn about what living in a co-op really means.

Community Assistants also help units with establishing guidelines for living in a shared space. The start of a new year is the time when CAs help their members fill out a ‘Roommate Agreement’. This helps members decide on collective rules regarding topics such as ‘quiet hours’, ‘chores’ and ‘sharing space/belongings’.

This exciting time at Neill-Wycik is all about learning, growing, and setting standards for how the rest of the school year is going to go. At our co-op we like to prioritize a balance of having fun with responsibility in academics and life.