A place to call home – Neill-Wycik provides living accommodations to over 750 post-secondary students throughout the school year. But we’re not just a Residence… we’re a Student Housing Co-op. You can learn more about this under our ‘What’s A Co-op?’ section.

For a history of our Co-op, and to learn about important and relevant information pertaining to the building, check out the ‘About’ section. This includes our location, nearby colleges and universities, amenities, and answers to any other questions you might have. Neill-Wycik offers 18 types of units,  varying in price and style. For information about our housing charges and room layouts, please see our ‘Rooms & Rates’ section.

For a taste of the Neill-Wycik experience visit the ‘Life at Wycik’ section, which is updated regularly with a look at building events, social functions, and general co-op goings ons. This section has a focus on what it’s like to be a member at Neill-Wycik Cooperative College.