Events at Neill-Wycik

Hosting events at Neill-Wycik helps keep our members engaged and offers them many chances to make new friends in the community. We love hosting craft nights sponsored by the building. In the past we’ve had ‘Plant Nights’ for members to pick out small succulents to decorate their units, and colour their plant pots different with acrylics. We’ve held DIY tie-dye t-shirts events, and paint nights for members to flex their creative muscles. All in all, the events at Neill-Wycik offer a well rounded experience with a chance to learn something new and meet people. Below member Emily Sears recounts her experience at one of Wycik’s monthly knitting events:

Stitch n’ Bitch

April 18th offered a course on crocheting during Neill-Wycik’s Stitch n’ Bitch event. In the third instalment of this series, participants who registered ahead were able to make a washcloth, also known as a granny square. A basic project, granny squares can be used on their own as dishcloths or can be combined together to create items as large as blankets. Members involved in the crocheting all showed great talent, and were able to follow along with the tutorial video with relative ease.

Since I am a self-proclaimed Crafty Person ™, when I was offered the opportunity to join the action, I decided to give it a go. After all, I made an entire macrame wall hanging in a single night, how hard could crocheting be? I should have learned from my brief stint learning to knit a few years ago because the answer is that it is incredibly difficult. Not my forte. Though the lead CA (community assistant) of the event really tried to help me out, I lacked the coordination to really pull off anything beyond a simple stitch. It took me about twenty minutes to learn that, and I was nowhere near the skill level of those around me. While the event was not something that I particularly excelled at, it was great to see a group of like-minded individuals come together and be creative

All in all, if you’ve got time to kill and some moderate skill in a yarn-wielding field, Stitch ‘n’ Bitch is a great place to get some new ideas. Keep an eye out for posters to join a great group of people trying to be as crafty as possible.