The Member Contribution Program is one of the cornerstones of our community within Neill-Wycik. Because we’re a co-operative, all of the members who reside here are tasked with taking care of the building or giving back to the community in some capacity. In the early days this involved strictly maintenance duties – but now we’re looking for contribution from members in many different capacities. Regardless of what form it takes, members are required to contribute 2 ‘MCP Hours’ per month. This is roughly two hours of energy and effort expended in service of the co-op. We recognize that not all tasks are equal. Some may take more effort or be more labour intensive than others – but for the

The MCP is one of the major programs that sets up apart from other private student residences. We pride ourselves on the initiative and its long and storied history here at Neill-Wycik. If you have questions or concerns about your MCP commitments, be sure to ask your Community Assistant.