By: Lauren Beazley

On March 29 a chess tournament was held in the games room, hosted by CA Idi Qinami. Many members of Neill-Wycik signed up to challenge their chess skills in a round-robin style match. The competitors and spectators were generous with the selection of food that they brought, allowing for a diverse snack option. Between the music, the food and the people, it was sure to be a fun evening from the start!

There were several intense matches, the first of which lasted five minutes and the following qualifying matches being 10 minutes a piece. The members that played were captivating in their concentration and consideration during the matches. After an accidental watch-reset, one round was forced to a rematch which was one of the more heated moments of the evening.  Whilst member after member were being bested despite a valiant effort, a pool game broke out adding another layer of competition to the evening. The tournament took a surprise turn during the final match when after several intense minutes, Kian Paya and Vlad Svitilnikov were forced to a draw. They went on to unofficially settle the tie in good faith, showing commendable sportsmanship!

All in all, it was a much more interesting night than one may initially expect when they hear “chess tournament”. Even if you didn’t know how to play chess, members were willing to sit with you and indulge the will to learn. If you’re available, I would definitely recommend checking out future tournaments (past events have included similar round robin style games like foosball).


Feature photo: Members competing in an intense game of chess at the Neill-Wycik chess tournament (Lauren Beazley).