By: Timothy Zoleta

Moving into NW was an exciting experience that harboured numerous opportunities. The building brought life and character towards students from all ranges across the downtown area. My school year experience at NW was nothing less than great, as I’ve had the opportunity to meet marvellous individuals. NW taught me how to become more independent and to solve multiple challenges throughout my 8 months. I felt the community that NW created was opening and accepting of new peers. Through multiple events, I’ve seen the compassion and willingness to educate the occupants residing at NW. Events such as charities, pizza parties, and Eco Green nights enhanced my overall experience. My school year wouldn’t have been the same without living with my current roommates. Although, meeting these individuals in September, I feel we have all grown from these encounters. Partying and having good conversations turned these strangers into friends.

The final year of studies often carries tremendous stress throughout the terms. NW provided multiple ways to cope with these challenges by giving back to students. One of my favourite parts of the morning was greeting the friendly staff and picking up a free smoothie from the front desk. Even though Neil isn’t perfect, this building allowed me to network and associate with multiple students from different areas of studies. My only regret was that I was unable to attend several events due to my busy schedule. My overall study year at Neil was very memorable and I was fortunate enough to be a part of this wonderful community.