By: Emily Sears

March 28 marked the return of Coffee House! An honoured tradition at Neill-Wycik, it was brought back from a recent hiatus and featured a bevy of talented performers. Despite getting off to a slightly late start, it was made enjoyable with the help of some jazz music.

Audience members were first treated with Claire Stanley’s poem about her very own Neill-Wycik roommate. There were many jokes about messy rooms and lack of garbage disposal, however, the most iconic line? “[She walked] fresh out of Sephora looking like Ru Paul.”

Following the only piece of poetry of the night, the rest of the event was geared towards music.

First up, Carson Cass was up with a cover of The Animals’ 1964 song House of the Rising Sun. Boasting a clear and deep lower vocal range and obvious skill on the guitar, his cover was a great introduction to the talent Neill-Wycik has to offer.

After a short break, Michael Esedafe pulled out not only a cover, but also an original song. Despite having been written originally for piano, his version on the guitar was nothing short of impressive. Holding smooth and steady tones, it was truly an instance of someone pouring their heart and soul into a piece of music. It was after his performance that the Coffee House was called to an end.

However, one last performer came forward just as everyone had started to pack up. Imani Walker, armed with her laptop and a classic Adele song made her way up to the front of the room. She provided a killer vocal range of Make You Feel My Love, the 2008 cover of the 1997 original, reminiscent of the artist herself.

Here’s to hoping Coffee House is back for the near future, with more of Neill-Wycik’s talent coming forward to showcase their skills!