With the efforts and generous donations of Neill-Wycik members, nutritious smoothies were given out for free on Thursday mornings by 9:00AM. This initiative is known as the Smoothie Club.

This past Smoothie Club began production at 8:20AM. Three volunteers woke up early in the morning to serve a variety of homemade smoothies to the early risers. This week was particularly special—not only were the smoothies made to fight the winter blues, there were also free pastries for everyone! There was a selection of brownies, tarts, cinnamon buns and more.

For the smoothies this week, there were choices of red berries, mixed berries or blueberry smoothies! They are made with unsweetened almond milk, juice and lots of love to kickstart your day!

They handed out over 3 dozen smoothies this week, keep your eyes peeled for the next Smoothie Club in the lobby and grab yours next time!

This initiative would not be possible without its volunteers and generous donations. Here at Neill-Wycik, we support a healthy lifestyle!