By: Alma Hadzimustafic

Warning: Spoilers!

The anti-climactic second part of The Bachelor finale has finally come to an end. After being left with the dramatic withdrawal of Cassie and the elimination of Tayisha and Hannah, we all wondered what Colton would do. With plenty of chips, cupcakes, and cookies brought to the event, we were readily set on this two hour endeavour.

The very beginning started out with a high-stakes moment where Colton had a heart-to-heart with Cassie in her apartment. He pretty much delivered a monologue about his love for Cassie and the sacrifices he had made to get one last shot with her. Cassie was incredibly hesitant in expressing strong feelings towards Colton, but nonetheless, she decides to give their relationship another shot. A consistent quote of the episode was Colton saying, “we’ll take it day by day.” This was a strong start to the episode, however, it was clear to me and everyone watching that this enthusiastic couple was solid enough to make it. So we wondered, “How will they fill the next hour and a half of the episode with content?” There are usually two ladies in the running by now, so this already lowered our expectations of a dramatic outcome.

Another highlight was Cassie meeting Colton’s family. In nerves, Cassie proceeds to reiterate how unsure she is about her feelings in this relationship. Colton’s family members were not thrilled and were highly skeptical of Cassie, but with love, they did not want to see Colton’s heart get broken again.

On their rock climbing picnic date, Cassie felt comfortable enough to open up to Colton about her relationship fears; mainly that she did not want another controlling relationship. Side note: I could not stop staring at their teeth! Everyone has extremely whitened teeth, and probably a great dental hygienist!

Later on, during their Majorca Spain vacation, the two spend the night and the big question is asked… Will Colton finally lose his virginity? During their dinner date, it is apparent that Cassie is more enthusiastic about developing a relationship with Colton, but has not yet moved past her hesitancy about their future.

During the live interview with Cassie and Colton, we see that these two ended up as complete lovebirds. It seemed that after their special night, they were both on the same page. In a super cheesy ending to their broadcasted relationship, the two danced as the band Air Supply played and rose petals dropped from the sky.

I asked to hear from one of the audience members Joanna who shared that this season is “…the least dramatic season I’ve ever seen.” She also went on to explain how other seasons had higher stakes and will be more memorable.

Finally, the next Bachelorette was announced to be Hannah Brown. The audience was not very welcoming of her as she seemed quite ditsy and could not formulate a complete sentence at all. All-in-all, the night was a success filled with cringe and laughter.

(Feature photo courtesy of ABC).