By Alex B.

It’s no secret that the rooms in Neill-Wycik can feel like tiny, dark prison cells, and I’m sure many students living here are wondering what they can do to decorate and class-up their bedrooms without the use of nails and paint, thus losing their security deposits. I strongly suggest buying a plant or two for your bedroom or common space.

When I was looking at local greenhouses around the city, I was discouraged by the price of floor plants, which could cost upwards of a few hundred dollars. However, one of my friends suggested looking at IKEA, and now I’m obsessed. The floor plant shown in the picture cost me $29.99 (called the Dracaena Massangeana for those interested) and is extremely easy to take care of. IKEA also has an insane selection of plants of various sizes at extremely reasonable prices, as well as an extensive selection of faux-plants for those afraid of the commitment of looking after a living one. If you don’t have a friend that can drive you to IKEA to transport your plant (which is an extremely fun day trip by the way), look for posters at the beginning of each school year for Neill Wycik IKEA trips in which transportation is provided.

There are also many benefits to having indoor plants in your home, such as reducing carbon dioxide levels, reducing harmful toxins in the air, and there are also studies suggesting that having plants in your home can improve concentration and productivity, boost your mood and reduce stress levels!