By Minyoung Jang

It was really hot when I first moved in to Neill-Wycik.

To just shortly introduce Neill-Wycik, this is a building where students live cooperatively in order to live affordably. So even though Neill-Wycik has the best spot in Toronto downtown, it is accessible for students with rent that is well below the market rates.

To move in, I arrived at the Neill-Wycik cafe at my assigned time where I signed several papers and got keys for my room and mailbox.

Then I went up to my room where it was empty when I first moved in.

Now it’s cozy like pictures below:


It took about 2 hours to clean up my room and organize my things.

What I brought here: pillow, blanket, multi tap, towels, things for my make up, plates, clothes, warm blanket. But I also had to buy things like a hair dryer, flat iron, hanger, kitchen stuff, notepad and etc.

The electric pad was really helpful during the winter.


So me and my 4 others share one kitchen which looks like this.

We had to buy or bring all the appliances like microwave, toaster, blender, and other things.

We also need to buy or bring plates etc.

I brought my plates here, but it is better to just go and buy some at Dollarama. They have so many cheap and nice kitchen stuffs at Dollarama.

I thought the bathroom would be actually really bad.

But it wasn’t not that bad at all.

Because most importantly, hot water is well provided.

I had to bring or buy all those things in the photo, including bathroom cleaning supplies and towels.

First day moving into Neill-Wycik was so chaotic, but now I feel like home here.

It is really warm and cozy.

I hope many people who are moving to Toronto will know Neill-Wycik, and move into this cool apartment.

There are so many good events here where you can make friends, and the staff are totally nice.

Hope my post will help someone who’s looking for a place to live in Toronto.