By: Daqi Lin

As Halloween is fast approaching, last night’s movie marathon was a perfect entry to the spooky atmosphere of this very Halloween week. Two movies were streamed in a continuous fashion for four hours in the darkness and silence of the cafeteria. Hereditary was the opening film that kick started the tension. Being a relatively new movie that came out just this year, seeing it last night was a meal worth of money saved for the many that have never seen it. After Hereditary, the movie IT followed, further elevating the haunting feeling in the room. Differing from Hereditary, this movie gave off a different experience of horror that left even the bravest sweating.

There was a great amount of participation at the event, with more than 30 brave spirits showing up to watch the two films. Aside from all the great movies, various snacks in great quantities were also provided. They ranged from exotic fruits, to delicate pastries, to the sizzling sodas that encouraged many people to come. If you thought that Halloween was lame and that ghosts do not exist, then last night would have been the night for you to become a believer; to reveal the deepest fear you try to conceal. If you are a believer, then last night would have you wishing to never see the sun go down again. We hope to see you guys next time at our movie marathon! Happy Halloween!


Feature image: The movie IT was one of the films played during the scary movie marathon night (Photo courtesy of Flickr).

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