By: Lucy Yang 

Members got spooked at this year’s Halloween Haunt.

The annual Wycik Halloween Haunt trip took place on Oct. 28. For just $35, you got a ticket to the park as well as a bus ride there and back. Overall, it was a great night! The weather wasn’t too cold, we got spooked by the mazes, and we went on a bunch of rides so we can’t really complain. I also went on the same trip last year so it was interesting to compare the two.

First, tickets costed more this year – last year they were $22. It definitely wasn’t a deal breaker for me though. A single ticket to Halloween Haunt costs $36 on its own so it was still a great deal considering it included transportation. However, I did notice that there were a lot less people this year who signed up to go. We had around 15 people this year sign up for the trip, while last year there was almost three times the number of people.

Another big difference is the time in which we left Neill-Wycik. Last year, the bus left a little after 7 p.m., while this year we left the building a bit before 6 p.m. I found that this made a huge difference in the experience. The park opens at 7 p.m. so we actually entered the park 15 minutes early this year. Lines were significantly shorter between 7-8 p.m., so it was easy to hit a few of the key spots in the park within the first hour of arriving. Last year, we arrived to Wonderland fairly late because of the later departure time and the car accident on the highway that we encountered. Because of this, the time that we had at the park felt shorter.

Neill-Wycik members head over to Halloween Haunt for the second year in a row.

Finally, another key difference is that we went on a Friday night last year, which meant that the park was extremely busy and wait times for mazes and rides were long. Going on Sunday night this year, I felt that the park was slightly less busy so we had the chance to do more stuff. Overall, I enjoyed the trip this year more than last year. Although the ticket costed more, I was able to go on many more rides and mazes because we arrived early and lines were short.


Feature image: Wonder Mountain in Canada’s Wonderland during Halloween Haunt. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

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